Episode 10: Dragon Age Interview

We ronins recently gathered together in Seattle for our annual summit, to plan out our schedule for the next year, eat some great food, and even play some games together. We took advantage of being in the same place to record some new podcast material. In this episode, straight from GR HQ, Steve Kenson turns the tables on our usual podcast host, Chris Pramas, and interviews him about designing Dragon Age.

The episode clocks in at 18 minutes, and is a svelte 16.9 MB download.

Dragon Age is our upcoming dark fantasy RPG based on BioWare's soon-to-be-released Dragon Age: Origins computer game.

Chris Pramas is our company president and the award-winning designer of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay second edition, Freeport, and more. Steve Kenson is our lead game designer and has himself won many awards for Mutants & Masterminds, True20, and more. Also making an appearance is Marc Schmalz, our Director of Electronic Publishing.

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Episode 9: Game Publishing Goes Digital

Episode 9 of the Green Ronin Podcast was recorded live at Norwescon on April 12, 2009. Green Ronin president Chris Pramas moderated a panel called Game Publishing Goes Digital. Panelists included Jeff Combos from Exile Game Studio, Erik Mona from Paizo, Donna Prior from Flying Lab, and David Stansel-Garner from Catalyst Game Labs. Listen to them discuss changes in game publishing, recent events in the game industry, and the challenges of internet piracy.

This episode is 58:42 long, and weighs in at 53.7 MB.

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Episode 8: 2009 Ahoy!

This last Thursday, February 12, 2009, we recorded a new episode of the Green Ronin Podcast. Episode 8: 2009 Ahoy! Features company president Chris Pramas, business manager Nicole Lindroos, and webmaster Evan Sass chatting around the table where we normally game on Thursday nights.

Tune in to hear us discuss recent staff changes, game design versus game development, Supervillain's Handbook, the proper pronunciation of Leitheusser, True20 Freeport: The Lost Island, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Doctor Who, Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition's fifth printing, Freedom's Most Wanted, Wild Cards, the Green Ronin Online Store, the Green Ronin Character Record Folio, Family Games: The 100 Best, and Walk the Plank.

In our next episode, we hope to be able to finally spill the beans on a new licensed game we've been working on. Stay tuned!

This episode is 38 minutes, 40 seconds long, and is a 35.4 MB download.

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Episode 7: Erik Mona on Open Gaming

In Episode 7 of the Green Ronin Publishing Podcast, our host and company president Chris Pramas chats with Green Ronin's General Manager, Nicole Lindroos, and return special guest Erik Mona of Paizo Publishing. Follow along as they discuss the Open Gaming License, the d20 Trademark License, the Game System License, Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, Pathfinder, True20, and the past, present, and future of open gaming.

Chris, Nicole, and Erik had a lot to say about those topics, as well as general trends in marketing and acquisition of new players, the changing retail environment, and other business of the roleplaying game industry, so this show clocks in at 92 minutes, 17 seconds, and is an 84.5 MB download.

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Episode 6: GAMA Trade Show 2008 Edition

We're proud to present Episode Six of the Green Ronin Podcast, recorded April 24, 2008 in Las Vegas, just after the GAMA trade show. Our usual host, Chris Pramas, had returned to Seattle by the time the show was recorded, so Nicole Lindroos stepped up to moderate the show. Follow along with Nicole, Green Ronin Line Developer Steve Kenson, and GR Sales Manager Bill Bodden as they discuss the GAMA Trade Show, the Origins Awards, Upcoming Products, and Free RPG Day.

Products Mentioned Include:

Wrapup (Chris Pramas):

  • Green Ronin's Origins Awards Nominees are Pirate's Guide to Freeport, Faery's Tale Deluxe, and Hobby Games: The 100 Best. These nominees and semi-finalist Walk the Plank Card Game are now available at $5 each in our Origins Awards Nominees Sale in our Green Ronin Online Store.
  • Savage Worlds Freeport Companion is now out in PDF.
  • Buccaneers of Freeport is now out in PDF, and the print version should be out in May.
  • Our thoughts on Wizards of the Coasts' Game System License will be featured in an upcoming show.

This episode clocks in at 33 minutes, 7 seconds, and is a 30.3 MB download.

The Green Ronin Publishing Podcast is copyright © 2008 Green Ronin Publishing. Music by Bombskare, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

(The Webmaster would like to apologize to Bombskare for forgetting to double-check the spelling of their band name, which has one k and zero c's. Visit their site and their Myspace page, listen to their stuff, tell your friends.)

Episode 5: Back in the Studio

In this latest episode, our company president and podcast host, Chris Pramas, provides a brief update on what's up with Green Ronin and the game industry.

The show is 20 minutes, 10 seconds long, and is an 18.5 MB download.

Episode 4: Holiday Top Three

In this light-hearted episode the game night crew assembles at Green Ronin headquarters and discusses the top three games in a variety of categories. OK, so it's usually more like the top 5 or 7, but who's counting? Guests include Jess Lebow, Nicole Lindroos, Evan Sass, and Ray Winninger. Be warned that there are a couple of instances of salty talk during the discussion, so don't play it for your mother-in-law during Christmas dinner. Also, you might hear the occasional festive clink of glassware.

This episode is 78 minutes, 48 seconds long, and is a 72.2 MB download.

Episode 3: Pramas/Mona Sitdown

In this episode Chris Pramas sits down with Paizo publisher Erik Mona. They discuss the announcement of 4th edition D&D and what that means for the Open Game License and d20 publishers. Erik talks about Paizo's new ventures, including Pathfinder and the Gamemastery modules, and this leads into a discussion about high level play, the "storied history" of Greyhawk, and other nerdery.

The show is 72 minutes, 51 seconds long, and is a 66.7 MB download.

Episode 2: Live From Gen Con

In this episode your host Chris Pramas takes advantage of Gen Con to bring on some special guests. First up is Russ Morrissey of EN World and EN Publishing. He and Chris talk about Gen Con, the ENnies, the EN World community, and the announcement of 4th edition D&D. Then Chris hosts a roundtable discussion with Nicole Lindroos, Christopher McGlothlin, and Steve Kenson. Many Mutants & Masterminds books are discussed, including Paragons, Golden Age, Worlds of Freedom, Iron Age, Hero High, and Freedom's Most Wanted.

The show is 50 minutes, 28 seconds long, and is a 47.3 MB download.

Episode 1: Lead-Up to Gen Con Indy 2007

Green Ronin Publishing and our president and show host Chris Pramas are proud to present Episode 1 of our new Green Ronin Publishing Podcast. Follow along with Chris and special guests Steve Kenson and Robert "Dr. Evil" Schwalb as they discuss the many cool products that we'll be debuting at this year's Gen Con Indy and give special attention to the Pirate's Guide to Freeport and Paragons, our new campaign for Mutants & Masterminds.

The show clocks in at just over 30 minutes, and is a 27.7 MB download.

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